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At AMA Skincare, we’re passionately dedicated to a natural, physiological transformation of your skin. We believe that a holistic approach utilizing your own natural physiology to “rebirth” your skin so that it’s young, healthy and strong on the inside is the best way to give you fabulous looking skin on the outside. Accordingly, our protocols, technologies and treatments are very different from most other skincare clinics.

Laser Medicine employs an extensive array of state-of-the-art lasers to physiologically transform tissue and treat a full spectrum of cosmetic and medical conditions.

European Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) uses highly refined, natural biochemical formulas to precisely regulate the body’s natural physiological systems, producing physiological balance (homeostasis), optimal health and natural, robust beauty. These highly specialized formulas combine time tested homeopathic principles with the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in biochemistry and cellular biology.

Oxygen Therapies saturate every organ, tissue and cell of your body with energizing and healing oxygen, stimulating collagen production and immune function. Every organ undergoing oxygen saturation goes through a transformational cascade – from detoxification, to healing – followed by regeneration.

High Potency Vitamin Therapies by Injection and Intravenous Infusions supply the body with essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, critical components of healthy cellular functions that promote the optimal health of all organs and tissues, and do wonders for the health and radiant beauty of your skin.

At AMA Skincare, we are pioneers and perfectionists. We adopt and perfect the best that is available from other sources, and develop new, “in-house” protocols and treatments to achieve optimal results that far exceed industry standards. What is most unique about AMA Skincare are the advanced, holistic, multiple modality protocols we’ve developed through years of ongoing clinical research that intensely investigates the interactions between the skin’s natural physiology and the energies emitted by many types of lasers. Additional dimensions of AMA Skincare’s unique expertise in multiple-modality protocols are our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, High Potency Vitamin injections and our integral practice of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM).

A case in point is our renowned, proprietary SpectraLift™, the world’s most comprehensive non-surgical facelift. Ten years ago when we founded AMA Skincare, this procedure was born the “Triple Laser Facial (CP3).” Over the following decade, it evolved through extensive research, development and investment, from CP3, to CP4, 5, 6, 7, and finally into the completely customized, 11-modality procedure now known as the SpectraLift™.

Perhaps the most important innovation to emerge from this intense research is AMA Skincare’s holistic, physiological approach to laser and aesthetic medicine. Our focus is the physiology of the patient’s skin as well as other organs systems affecting the skin, enabling us to treat the root cause of a condition in addition to its symptoms. Accordingly, each protocol is designed to interact with your skin’s natural, physiological healing mechanisms of repair and regeneration, stimulating them to naturally bring your skin back to its youthful and radiant vitality. The SpectraLift™ will take years off your face on the outside by making your skin healthier and younger on the inside. Thus, our protocols have achieved a unique partnership between the most advanced laser technologies in the world, advanced European PRM and the skin’s natural physiology, allowing us to customize treatments precisely to each patient. The beautiful result is young and healthy skin for decades to come.

In the field of laser medicine, an expert must utilize many different types of lasers to achieve mastery of the craft. However, the magic does not lie in the lasers themselves, but in how the lasers are used and who is using them. Beyond mastery of course there is artistry, which is held as the pinnacle of achievement in any field of medicine. Very few ever reach this level of expertise.

At AMA Skincare, we are proud of the artistry that we’ve have achieved and defined in the practice of aesthetic medicine, and our pioneering work in the integration of laser medicine with physiological regulating medicine.

At AMA Skincare, we love what we do… passionately.

At AMA Skincare, we are thrilled by the challenge of continuously expanding our science and perfecting our treatments.

At AMA Skincare, we thrive on the joy of caring for our patients.

At AMA Skincare, we respect and appreciate the confidence that our patients entrust in us.

At AMA Skincare, we welcome you into our world of mastery, artistry, joy and Youthful Skin Forever™.